Artistry Men Skin Care 男性脸部护理

Artistry Men Skin Care 男性脸部护理

ARTISTRY Men 净速洁面乳是专为男性的肌肤而特别配制。这种有效的洁面乳能去除油质与污渍的痕迹,同时维持您肌肤理想的湿分。


ARTISTRY Men 平衡保湿爽肤水性质轻盈,它能帮助平衡男性肌肤刮须后的状况,同时维持肌肤的天然保护屏障。用电动须刨时,它亦可当作剃须前护理液使用。


ARTISTRY Men 浓缩精华素是一种高度先进的精华素,它能赋予肌肤活力,令它展现明显更有青春神采的外貌。它帮助恢复肌肤的紧致度,并尽量减少细纹的显现。


ARTISTRY Men 保湿水乳液性质轻盈,其配方能协助保护男性的肌肤免于湿份流失和干燥。它还提供持久的补水功效,恢复男性肌肤健康的外貌。


ARTISTRY Men 柔滑剃须泡乳是一种丰润的泡沫状剃须膏,其配方令您在剃须时感觉既贴肤又舒适。它能产生仪容整洁的外观,同时使男性的皮肤感觉柔滑、幼细和充满润泽。


Specially developed for men’s skin, ARTISTRY Men Gentle Face Wash is an effective cleanser which removes traces of oil and dirt while maintaining your skin’s optimal moisture.


ARTISTRY Men Balancing Hydrator is a lightweight toner that can help balance the condition of men’s post-shave skin and maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier. It may also be used as a pre-shave when using an electric shaver.


ARTISTRY Men Serum Concentrate is a highly advanced serum that rejuvenates the skin for a noticeably more youthful look. It helps restore firmness and minimises the appearance of fine lines.


ARTISTRY Men Enviving Emulsion is a light lotion formulated to help protect men’s skin from moisture loss and dryness. It also has the power of long-lasting moisturisation to revive the healthy look of men’s skin.


ARTISTRY Men Smooth Shave Foam is a luxurious shave foam formulated for a close and comfortable shave. It helps the process of delivering a well-groomed look while keeping men’s skin smooth, soft, and moisturised.