Atmosphere Sky 空气净化器

Atmosphere Sky 空气净化器

ATMOSPHERE SKY 空气清净机提供清新洁净的室内空气,而且不含污染、病毒、过敏原和霉菌等。 它的三重滤网空气过滤系统能从通过机体的空气有效滤除99.99% 的微粒,体积小至0.0024 微米。




ATMOSPHERE SKY 使用 3 个滤网有效地从通过机体的空气减少超过 300 种污染原。

1. 前滤网: 滤除大型、悬浮在空气中的纤维和毛发。
2. HEPA 滤网: 滤除细小的微粒如过敏原、细菌、霉菌、病毒、真菌和石棉。
3. 碳滤网: 减少甲醛、二恶英和臭氧,以及来自抽烟、烹煮和宠物的气味。



全新的 ATMOSPHERE SKY 空气清净机不但更快、更智能,而且也更有效率,同时维持超高能源效率及低耗电量。ATMOSPHERE SKY 空气清净机的推介为室内空气素质设定了新标准。透过Inteliflow,我们独特的内部空气循环系统并结合我们经证实的微粒感应器,以及三阶段过滤系统与一个独特的马达机壳,为您提供更洁净的空气。

  • 从通过机体的空气减少超过 300种污染原。
  • 99.99% 的滤除滤,过滤小至0.0024 微米的微粒。
  • 超过300 cfm的清洁空气输出率(CADR),过滤面积达 465 平方尺的房间。


ATMOSPHERE SKY 空气清净机现加入触控屏幕控制,以及可通过内置的无线连接功能连接您的智能手机,让用户可透过他们的装置操控机体。下载 ATMOSPHERE CONNECT 应用程式至您的智能手机或移动装置,让您不论在家里或出门在外皆可用它来:

  • 调整设定,
  • 监督滤网状况,以及
  • 检查您房间内的空气素质。


ATMOSPHERE SKY 空气清净机的微粒滤网能有效滤除通过机体 99.99% 的微粒,小至0.0024 微米。


The ATMOSPHERE SKY Air Treatment System provides clean indoor air that otherwise can contain pollution, viruses, allergens, mould and mildew. Its triple filter air treatment system can effectively remove 99.99% of particles as small as 0.0024 microns as they pass through the unit.


Key Features

3-Stage Filtration:

The ATMOSPHERE SKY uses 3 filters to effectively reduce over 300 contaminants from the air passing through the unit.

1. Pre-Filter: Captures large, airborne fibres and hair.
2. HEPA Filter: Removes small particles such as allergens, bacteria, mould, viruses, fungi and asbestos.
3. Carbon Filter: Reduces formaldehyde, dioxin and ozone, as well as odours from smoking, cooking and pets.



The all-new ATMOSPHERE SKY Air Treatment System is faster, smarter and more effective – while maintaining high energy efficiency and low power consumption. The launch of the Atmosphere SKY Air Treatment System sets a new standard for home air quality with Inteliflow, our unique internal air circulation system. Inteliflow combines our proven particle sensor with a three-stage filtration system and a unique motor housing, resulting in cleaner air.

  • Reduces over 300 contaminants from air passing through the unit.
  • 99.99% filtration of filter particles as small as 0.0024 microns.
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of more than 300 cfm, to clean rooms up to 465 sqft in size.


The ATMOSPHERE SKY system now also includes touch screen controls and the ability to connect to your smartphone using built-in wireless connectivity, which allows users to control the unit from their device. Download the ATMOSPHERE CONNECT app to your smart phone or mobile device and use it when you’re at home or away to:

  • Adjust the settings,
  • Monitor the status of the filters, and
  • Check your room’s air quality.


The ATMOSPHERE SKY unit’s particulate filter can effectively remove 99.99% of particles as small as .0024 microns as they pass through the unit.