BodyKey by Nutrilite Meal Replacement Shake 营养代餐饮料

BodyKey by Nutrilite Meal Replacement Shake 营养代餐饮料

BodyKey by NUTRILITE 营养代餐饮料是全球第一的营养代餐饮料,不含人造味素、色素、甜剂或防腐剂*。它能控制您的饥饿感,并提供您多种营养素、纤维质、维他命与矿物质。富含营养补益,让您实现100%的自然体重控制!

*资料来源: Euromonitor International Limited,


BodyKey by NUTRILITE 营养代餐饮料让您享有全餐,因为它含有一名成年人度过忙碌一天所需的全部营养素。它采用25种维他命和矿物质制成,为您的身体提供三份之一的日常营养需求,同时保持低卡路里。再说,它的纤维质能让您相当长时间感觉饱肚。饮用BodyKey代餐饮料控制您的体重吧。



  • 此代餐饮料不含人造色素、味素、甜剂,也不添加防腐剂。
  • 采用BodyKey口感映射技术来配制具有这种口味及质感的独一无二产品基质。
  • 科学化配方,营养均衡的代餐。
  • 天然又容易饮用。



  • BodyKey 营养代餐饮料(巧克力味) 是理想的代餐饮料,能控制您的卡路里摄取量。
  • 它以便利的方式带给您健康的营养素,帮您控制蛋白质的份量,同时迎合您身体的营养需求。
  • 安全又天然。
  • 含有25种矿物质与维他命,零反式脂肪以及不含基因改造 (GMO)成分。
  • 用脱脂奶冲调即能提供15克的蛋白质(每日最低需求量的25%)。
  • 用250毫升脱脂奶冲调时,它能帮您更持久感觉饱肚,并维持肌肉量。


BodyKey by NUTRILITE Meal Replacement Shake is the No. 1 meal replacement shake globally that contains no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives*. It can control your hunger and provide you with nutrients, fibres, vitamins and minerals. 100% natural weight management meal replacement shake packed full of nutritional goodness!

*Source: Euromonitor International Limited,


BodyKey by NUTRILITE Meal Replacement Shake gives you a full meal as it contains all the nutrients an adult needs to go through a busy day. Made of 25 vitamins and minerals, it provides your body with one third of its daily nutritional requirements while keeping the calories low. Furthermore, the fibres can fill you up for quite a long time. Control your weight with BodyKey Meal Replacement Shake.



  • Meal replacement shake with no artificial colourants, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives added.
  • Uses BodyKey taste mapping technology to formulate the exclusive base of its flavour and texture.
  • Scientifically-formulated, well-balanced meal.
  • Natural and easy to use.



  • BodyKey Meal Replacement Shake is the ideal meal replacement shake to manage your calorie intake.
  • It brings you healthy nutrients in a convenient way to control protein size while meeting the body’s nutritional requirements.
  • Safe and natural.
  • Contains 25 minerals and vitamins, zero trans fats and non-GMO ingredients.
  • Delivers 15g of protein when mixed with skimmed milk (25% of the minimum daily need).
  • When mixed with 250ml of skimmed milk, it helps you feel fuller for longer and maintains lean muscle mass.