Dish Drops 浓缩洗碗液

Dish Drops 浓缩洗碗液

一滴DISH DROPS浓缩洗碗液就足以让您的碗碟闪闪发亮。它采用天然来源的成分,既强效又高度浓缩, 带给您绝佳的洁净效能。它还能保护您的双手!


DISH DROPS浓缩洗碗液是采用温和的表面活性剂以及芦荟精华制成,它能保护您的皮肤和环境,同时又强效得足以轻易去除油渍,甚至结成硬块的脏迹。这种良知产品能产生持久的泡沫,延长洁净作用,让您买得物超所值。



  • 高度浓缩又强效的洗碗液,能够有效清洗。 
  • 采用天然来源制成,性质安全。
  • 提供持久的洁净作用。
  • 留下淡雅的柑橘味芳香以控制异味。



  • 不会损害双手和环境。
  • 只需一滴浓缩洗碗液,就能有效清洗以去除油污。
  • 可生物降解,经皮肤病学家测试的配方。
  • 含有具柔化与抚慰作用的芦荟、抗炎的紫苏和AHA果酸,能保护您的双手。


One drop of DISH DROPS Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid is enough to make your dishes sparkle. Derived from natural sources, it is powerful and highly concentrated to give you great cleaning performance results. It’s also gentle on your hands too!


The DISH DROPS Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid is made of mild surfactants and extracts of aloe vera to protect both your skin and the environment yet powerful enough to easily get rid of grease and even dried-on mess. A conscientious product that gives you long-lasting suds for extended cleaning action with high value for money.



  • Highly-concentrated and powerful dishwashing liquid for effective cleaning. 
  • Safe and made from naturally-derived sources.
  • Provides long-lasting cleaning action.
  • Leaves on a fresh citrus scent to control odour.



  • Gentle on your hands and environment.
  • Just one concentrated drop provides effective cleaning to get rid of grease.
  • Biodegradable, dermatologist-tested formula. 
  • Contains softening and soothing aloe vera, anti-inflammatory botanical shiso, and alphy-hydroxy acid to protect your hands.