G&H Body Care 身体护理

G&H Body Care 身体护理




G&H Nourish +™️ 

修复性身体护理富含天然来源的植物成分,可帮助您滋养,舒适并保持健康的皮肤。每种Nourish +产品均包含乳木果油,有机南瓜籽油和橙花蜂蜜-吹捧许多广泛使用的蜂蜜品种的最佳总体保湿效果。 


G&H Refresh +™️ 



G&H Protect +™️ 






从包装设计,产品配方到制造,G&H是一种对环境敏感的替代品,其作用远不止于皮肤。 G&H产品使用100%的风力发电。所有瓶子和纸箱*都是100%可回收的,并包装在创新的瓶子中,旨在减少每单位的整体塑料用量。安利还为多种产品提供生态高效的补充袋。


Inspired to Be the Best


The G&H bath and body care line is available in three complementary collections, delivering with improved performance & patented ingredients to help nourish and maintain healthy-looking skin:


G&H Nourish+™️

Restorative body care help nourish, comfort and maintain healthy looking skin with a rich, exclusive blend of naturally derived and botanical ingredients. Each Nourish+ product includes shea butter, organic pumpkin seed oil and orange blossom honey - touting the best overall moisturizing effect of the many widely used varieties of honey. 


G&H Refresh+™️

Revitalizing body care refreshes, hydrates and soothes skin with lightweight and gentle formulas infused with aloe, grapeseed extract and green tea extract, delivering healthy-looking skin. 


G&H Protect+™️

Purifying body care deep cleans to remove impurities, and gently protects skin with exclusive, targeted deodorizing technology and a skin-defending botanical blend of white tea, natural minerals and bilberry extract. Skin feels clean and smells fresh from morning to night.


All G&H washes and bar soaps are biodegradable and formulated without sulfates or antibacterial chemicals like triclosan. Every formula is wheat-free, contains no animal ingredients and has been dermatologist and allergy tested to minimize the risk of irritation.


Caring for our world while we care for our skin

From package design, product formulation and manufacturing, G&H is an environmentally sensitive alternative that goes beyond skin deep. G&H products are manufactured using 100% wind power. All bottles and cartons* are 100% recyclable and packaged in innovative bottles designed to use less overall plastic per unit. Amway also delivers eco-efficient refill pouches for multiple products.