Glister Oral Care 口腔护理

Glister Oral Care 口腔护理












GLISTER 浓缩漱口洁协助预防龋齿与牙菌斑。牙菌斑含有多种细菌,它是造成牙龈病,甚至口腔疾病的元凶。


使用这种 GLISTER 抗菌与抗牙菌斑漱口洁洁净口腔,使它保持清新,即能在30秒内消除口臭。 





A healthy clean you can see and feel with every smile

One fluoride toothpaste does it all for every member of the family. 


  • Fights cavities and freshens breath.
  • Whitens teeth and removes stains.
  • Removes plaque with regular brushing.
  • Promotes remineralization that, with regular brushing, helps to repair early cavities.
  • Helps prevent demineralization, which can lead to tooth decay.


GLISTER Advanced Toothbrush has a uniquely designed head which has more bristles to provide better cleaning and is thinner at the tip for easy access to hard-to-reach spaces. It combines soft and medium bristles for interdental cleaning between teeth and at the gumline, for plaque removal and gum massage.


GLISTER Concentrated Anti-Plaque Mouthwash helps to prevent tooth decay and plaque. Plaque contains numerous bacteria that are at the heart of gum, and even cavity disease.

Clean and refresh your mouth with this GLISTER antiseptic and anti-plaque mouthwash to get rid of bad breath within 30 seconds.

Supplementing the plaque-fighting benefits of GLISTER Multi-Action Toothpaste, this rinse helps kill bacteria that cause bad breath and helps remove more plaque than brushing alone.


GLISTER Mint Refresher Spray comes in a mint and anise flavour, which provides long-lasting cool breath. In addition, it kills 99.99% of bacteria, while being sugar- and calorie free.