Nutrilite Bio C Plus 长效维他命C锭片

Nutrilite Bio C Plus 长效维他命C锭片

NUTRILITE Bio C Plus长效维他命C锭片是一种帮助您全日补充维他命C的营养辅助品。Bio C Plus长效全日配方稳定释放维他命C,让您的身体更有效率地吸收及利用这种营养素。它也提供一种便利又简易的途径以支援健全的日常饮食。


每颗NUTRILITE Bio C Plus 长效维他命C锭片含有500毫克维他命C,完全不含人造色素、味素或防腐剂。Bio C Plus 长效 全日配方也含有取自爱丝罗拉樱桃的植物基营养素,它们都是在我们的有机农场里栽种的。

不论何种生活方式,维他命C都是我们饮食中最重要的营养素之一。它除了保持我们身体强健之外,对于运动员以及生活充满压力的人士也很重要。 有了Bio C Plus全日配方,您就能通过一个既天然又便利的途径填补您日常饮食里缺失的养分。 Bio C Plus全日配方是采用缓释科技特别配制,确保您每天获得充足剂量的维他命C,而它是取自维他命C的最佳来源,即爱丝罗拉樱桃。



  • 通过缓释科技,全日稳定释放维他命C,避免任何浪费。
  • 每颗锭片含500毫克维他命C,相等于大量水果的营养。
  • 营养素来自橙、柠檬、葡萄柚和爱丝罗拉樱桃,皆从我们的合格有机农场里栽种和收成。



  • 更良好吸收、支援身体防御力、减少浪费、每颗锭片更多维他命C可供利用。
  • 使您保持身强体健。
  • 养成健康的骨骼、牙齿和牙龈。
  • 温和不伤胃。不会引起胃部不适或消化系统问题。


NUTRILITE Bio C Plus All Day Formula is a dietary supplement that helps replenish vitamin C throughout the day. Bio C Plus All Day Formula provides you a steady release of vitamin C, which allows your body to absorb and use the nutrient more efficiently. It also provides a convenient and simple way to support a healthy daily diet.


NUTRILITE Bio C Plus All Day Formula contains 500mg of vitamin C per tablet, and zero artificial colourants, flavours or preservatives. The Bio C Plus All Day Formula also contains phytonutrients from acerola cherries, which are grown on our organic farm. 

Regardless of lifestyle, vitamin C is one of the most essential nutrients in our diet. Besides keeping us strong and healthy, it is important for athletes and those who lead a stressful lifestyle. With Bio C Plus All Day Formula, you have a natural and convenient way to fill the nutritional gap in your daily diet. Bio C Plus All Day Formula is specifically formulated with an extended release technology that ensures you a sufficient daily dose of vitamin C from acerola cherries, which is your best source of vitamin C.



  • Steady release of vitamin C all day long thanks to extended release technology that prevents any wastage.
  • 500mg of vitamin C per tablet, the nutritional equivalent of a huge amount of fruits.
  • Nutrients from oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and acerola cherries, farmed on and harvested from our certified organic farms.



  • Better absorption, supports body defence, less wastage, more usable vitamin C per tablet.
  • Keeps your body strong.
  • Promotes healthy bones, teeth and gums.
  • Gentle on the stomach. No stomach upset or digestive problems.