Nutrilite for Men 男性保养

Nutrilite for Men 男性保养



NUTRILITE 锯棕榈和荨麻根这种前列腺营养辅助品含有106毫克锯棕榈和80毫克荨麻根,不添加防腐剂或色素。这两种成分相辅相成,协助增加排尿量及使尿流更顺畅。锯棕榈和荨麻根能促进排尿系统健康,它是采用天然草药制成,并且提供附加植物营养素效益,以加强您前列腺的整体健康。



  • 软囊形式,容易吞服。
  • 含有160毫克南瓜籽,促进前列腺健康。
  • 含有额外的NUTRILITE 植物营养素化合物,提供额外营养效益。



  • 协助增加排尿量及提高尿流速率。
  • 改善整体的泌尿道与膀胱健康。


NUTRILITE Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root improves urinary health for men and promotes healthy prostate function. Saw palmetto assists in easing the problem of fluid retention. Nettle root provides herbal support for urinary flow.


Made without preservatives or colourants, NUTRILITE Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root prostate supplement contains 106mg of saw palmetto and 80mg of nettle root extracts. These two ingredients work together to maximise the volume and ease the flow of urine. Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root urinary tract health supplement is made from natural herbs, which provide added phytonutrient benefits to enhance your prostate’s overall well-being.



  • Easy consumption via softgels.
  • 160mg pumpkin seed oil for better prostate health.
  • Contains additional NUTRILITE phytonutrient plant compounds for extra nutritional advantages.



  • Helps increase volume and aids the flow of urine.
  • Improves overall urinary and bladder health.