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Money Back Guarantee

产品退款- 产品必须在有效期限内,容量至少还有80%,将会原银奉还该产品全额。

更换产品- 只应许还未开封的产品对换同款其他颜色或口味,或当收到产品时有缺陷亦可进行更换


Product Refund-The product must be within the validity period, at least 80% of the capacity,

it will be returned to the full amount of the product.

Replacement of Products- Only products that have not been opened are allowed to be exchanged for other colors or tastes of the same range, or can be replaced when there is a defect when the product is received

**Purchase receipt is required for refund or replacement, please contact us if you have any questions**

​Delivery Services


After the order is placed on the same day, the package will be delivered within 3-5 working days. Any purchase of free service over RM300 and less than that will only be charged RM10.

Payment Method


安利生意拥有者请到 进行购买付款选项。

Amway Business Owner please log in to purchase and make payment.



还未注册ABO者请电邮至 询问购买付款详情。

Please email to us to get the payment details.